So, what are the benefits of a VersaPot Self-Watering Grow Bucket?
Where do we begin? If you've ever spent any time doing conventional in-ground gardening, then you are aware of the hassles of poor soil quality, poor drainage, pests, site preparation and weeds. VersaPot™ takes all this into account and then some!

Weed Control - We spent way too much time fighting grass and weeds. Potting soil and compost don’t have many weed
seeds, which greatly reduces the weed problem.

Water Conservation - We were watering the whole garden and only about 10% of the water benefitted the plants. We were
losing a lot of water to evaporation. In a grow bucket, you can eliminate most of the evaporation with a 2” layer of mulch or straw
around the plant.

Raised Bed Gardening - We raise our buckets 16” off the ground. This eliminates the stoop labor and being raised we are able
to mow the grass under them and weed eat around the support frames. This is a big advantage for us old guys with bad backs.

Portability - We get a 30 day or more advantage on production by being able to move the plants. We have a big green house
to start buckets in. When the threat of frost is past we move all the grow buckets out into the garden area. We move them inside
at night if there is a chance of frost. You have the option to set your buckets in the sun on cool days and in the shade on hot days.
Set them in an East facing window in the morning and the West in the afternoon. If you have a security problem with two or four
legged vermin, move your buckets in and lock them up at night.

Pest Control - It appears that the buckets are too slick for some bugs to crawl up. We have noticed a great reduction in pest on
our plants. This is a positive unintended consequence.

Non-permanent Garden Plot - With grow buckets you don't have to have a dedicated spot that has to be tilled every year. You can
remove the buckets after each growing season. This might be important for people with small yards or who only want to try
gardening without dedicating a permanent spot in their yard.

Organic Gardening - If you want to grow 100% organic this is for you. Organic soils and fertilizers are available in many places.

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated in providing the best possible product at the best possible price. We are a family owned and operated company. All our products are 100% made in the U.S.A. We have a love of gardening, growing plants and eating what we raise. I wanted organic locally grown vegetables, they were not readily available in our area. My want/need has evolved into a full time truck patch farming business. I have gone from a semi-retired business owner, tool & die maker and C.A.D. designer to a full time farmer and I’m loving it. If you are in the area, drop by and visit our produce market.


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